Eva and Jacob have to be one of the cutest couples we have seen. We were so happy to be a part of this day and help bring Eva’s Pinterest world to life. The wedding reception was held at the stunning Beach House Restaurant in Victoria BC and Love Actually Photography was on board capturing every moment. Laura from Schur to Please Cupcakes helped create a stunning dessert display that would make anyone drool! We handled the flowers and decor bringing together soft pinks and gold tones to create a beautiful ambiance. It wouldn’t be complete without the gorgeous work of Tuktu Paper Co. providing the table numbers and place cards.

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Eva and her mom were so great to work with and what we’d like to call a decorators dream! She had a vision and needed our help to bring it together, so instead of trying to organize everything herself she was able to leave it in our hands. It’s inspired us to give you a little advice to keep in mind when hiring a decorator.

When putting together your palette for your wedding it’s important to think about the whole picture and ensure everything ties together. A palette is a range of colours, meaning not every thing needs to be the exact same shade. If you have a range of colours that all compliment each other the room will look cohesive and purposeful. Each piece of decor should be thoughtful and have a reason for being where it is. This is one of the main benefits of having a professional decorator on your side. We are hired to ensure that your wedding looks perfect in every way. If you have decided to hire a decorator for you day we recommend letting go a little bit and allowing them to do their job…you will not regret it!